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The art of cheap travel

River Surfing QueenstownToday I sold my car to a very dear 85 year old man and now back in the hands of public transport. I sold my little car for $250 which is just under half of what I paid so it proved a good investment. It was certainly cheaper than renting or buses!

So now I am on my way home via Auckland, Sydney and Hong Kong with some bits in between to fill. One of the biggest expenses of being a Working Nomad is travel so I am always keen to keep things down!

So using a combination of travel options I am able to fly to Auckland for less than NZ$ 100 from Christchurch, my flight to Sydney was just over NZ$ 160 and I have managed to book a first class train seat from Sydney to Port Macquire for a mere AU$ 60 which in incredible for such a long journey!

I was under the impression that train journeys in Australia were expensive but not so on this route. I am meeting one of my sisters and my Mother in Port Macquire as they are over for a couple of weeks. We are staying in a rented house that will be a nice change from dorms!

Yea I have been in dorms now over three months and I am looking forward to having my own space again. You kind of get used to dorms after a while but I am back in a hotel now and enjoying such delights of not having to creep around quietly at night and climbing into upper bunks!