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The old Sydney or Melbourne argument

Hi from a very wet and windy Sydney. I have arrived from a somewhat sunnier Auckland and plan to be here until tomorrow before heading up the coast to meet my family who are flying in from the UK.

I have actually been to Sydney before. Stayed in the dingy Kings Cross area where I am not in a hurry to get back to. I was having a discussion last night about Sydney compared to Melbourne – people generally are split on which they prefer (tourists).

I think if I were to live in either it would be Sydney. The big draw for me would be the possibility of living somewhere like Manley, a happening suburb with an ocean beach. I don’t like Bondi I’m afraid!

As a tourist destination I think I prefer Melbourne though. I really enjoyed strolling around the streets and taking it all in where as Sydney seems more business like.

So despite the showers and grey clouds I am off to Manly as there is surf and the water temperature is considerably higher than the air 🙂