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Beating the ‘frills’ airlines

I am currently looking at the cheapest way to get from Australia to the UK by air. The cheapest flight in the month of April that I have found (one way) is GBP 414 from Sydney to London Heathrow with Eitihad Airways based in the Middle East.

So with the introduction of no-frills"that flys Hong Kong to London it should be possible to beat this fare. I am currently looking at this flight route…

Brisbane > Darwin (Jetstar)
Darwin > Singapore (Tiger)
Singapore > Macau (Tiger)
Macau > Hong Kong (1 hour ferry transfer)
Hong Kong > London (Oasis Air)

I have a rough figure of GBP 330.00 so far that will give me optional time in Singapore and Macau / HK which I have yet to visit and would like to explore.

This is the early stages of my research and I am not even sure about the Visa situation for Macau / HK and whether I would need a Chinese visa.

I had thought about going home via the Americas but cannot find any reasonably priced flights across the Pacific. It will be cheaper for me to fly from Europe.

Of course it would be much less hassle to fly Qantas or BA straight through but where would be the fun in that?