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I no longer flog my dead horses

There was a time, in the early days, when I use to register a domain name, throw up a site then work hard on content and getting links to make the site an income generator. I would then continue to work hard on the site even if I was getting little traffic after weeks or months.

These days I give a site two months to earn it’s corn. If after this time it is not covering the cost of the domain and hosting then it bites the dust and I take the site down.

I will then use the content to create a new site with different twists to see what works and what does n’t. This may smell slightly spammy but I am not churning the same site over and over again. I am basically working by trial and error.

Domain names are cheap these days. I pay $8.00 a year for my .com(s)! I have wasted so much time on sites that have not performed at all always hoping one day that they might get into the search engines and create a nice profit.

So my advice is that if a site is not working don’t be afraid to ditch it and move on to a new one. In my experience, if the search engines don’t take to your site early on then the chances are they never will unless you are extremely lucky.

There are some people who might argue against this but I am just relaying to you what has worked for me.

So try not to become too emotionally attached to your sites. If one is not pulling it’s weight then move on.