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One week away from the web

Sad as it is true this has been the first time that I have been off the Internet for over 7 days for a long long time. I am currently in Morocco having just completed a memorable weeks trek in the High Atlas mountains hiking through traditional Berber villages untouched by the modern world.

After the first day I thought very little of the web and the business that I have built up over the last three years. In fact I did n’t really care at all what was happening to it and never worried once.

It was not until we returned to Marrakech that I started to think of the web again and logged in to an cybercafe to check things over.

It is very hard these days to get away from the trappings of modern life and I guess that is a good thing if you are running an Internet business.

So I am currently in the coastal surf town of Essaouira and about to complete the fourth leg of my dream of having surfed on every continent. Only the Americas and Antartica remain and unless there is a serious acceleration of global warming, the latter will stay unsurfed!