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Having something to get out of bed for

As I have mentioned many times you need to be pretty motivated to be a working nomad and to make websites for yourself. Some days over the last three years I have actually wondered why I bothered to get up (especially when I have wifi access from my bed).

However things have changed this week as I have started language school in Valencia, Spain with a daily start time of 9.30am. Actually having to be somewhere at a specific time was a bit of a shock to the old system!

There is a book called the ‘4 Hour Work Week’ which I found quite interesting and is kind of similar to what I have been doing, although I do more than 4 hours a week on average!

In the book the writer mentions that learning a language is an excellent way to keep yourself occupied when you are not working and I am beginning to see why. Not only does it get you out of bed but it also is great for meeting people, particularly if you are new to a city.

I am actually looking forward to Monday now, not something that happened much when I was a corporate slave, and you never know, I might actually start knocking out sites in Spanish