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It ain’t half hot mum (or should that be mom)

You know you’re somewhere hot when you see an advert on TV selling a product to cool down your swimming pool! I am currently in Palm Springs with just a short trip back to LA to go.

I have packed in an awful lot over the last two and a bit weeks in Cali and here are some of my highlights.

Las Vegas – The strip was actually smaller than I imagined but very long. Had a great time there and would certainly visit again. Had my one big night out there as well. Surprisingly I have not drunk much beer on this trip.

Joshua Tree Nat Park – I love them trees.

Grand Canyon – Went to the slightly less famous West rim on a tour. West rim is owned by Native Americans and had a some really interesting chats with them about how their lives have changed. A highlight for sure.

Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park – Nice driving through the snow and loved the sweet alpine air, never smelt air like that! Makes me want to live in the mountains somewhere.

Yosemite Nat Park – Exceeded expectations (which were high anyway). Went along with the BugBus on a group tour with some smashing folk. My jaw dropped so many times I had cuts on my chin.

San Francisco – Went there feeling a little down after leaving the group from Yosemite but a day wandering around Alcatraz soon lifted my spirits!

Big Sur Highway – Not quite as good as the Great Ocean Rd in Australia, but a nice drive all the same.

San Diego – My favourite US city to date. Loved the Ocean Beach area, felt really at home there. The only place I felt I could live in the US. As for the Zoo, wow, the pandas brought a tear to my eye (see below!).

Palm Springs and the drive across the desert – Had a spectacular drive today up to Palm Springs. Temperatures were nearly in the hundreds! Seems like a nice place. Off to the Palm Springs tramway thing tomorrow thats gonna whisk me 2.5 miles up a mountain to the snow!

Some other general observations about travel around California. Despite having $2 to one £1 I have still found some things expensive, particularly eating out and drinks.

The standard of driving is excellent here. Perhaps my opinion is slightly skewed having been in Auckland for eight months!

Travelling alone is ok. Met quite a few other folk doing the same, particularly in the National Parks but found the hostels to be a little disappointing. Some are basically places for down and out locals while others just don’t exist (despite what the guidebook says!).

I have stayed in quite a few motels and they are very cheap. Also avoiding resort type places at the weekend has helped keep things cheap.

In terms of work I have not done anything!

How cute is this!


San Diego Sunset – My kinda place.