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Same same but different

So by some popular demand I am back blogging again after a few months layoff. So since you last saw me I have basically been living back in the UK with some frequent trips across the English channel. I am writing this from my favourite island of Bali.

I am still chipping away on the web and still have a long held plan that if my income drops below a certain level I would go back to the office, if indeed anyone would take me now having been self employed for three years! There are always going to be days when I crave social setting of the office workplace but I have learned to take advantage and enjoy my relative freedom from the rat race while it lasts.

So this chapter of my life continues for now but on the horizon I am spotting a nice two bedroom period terraced house somewhere in the South of England from where a new chapter will develop. Had home loans been a little easier to obtain I might be there now but sometime early in 2009 I will have the required three years business accounts to make the transition from drifter to home owner.

And despite being pretty content with life just now (who wouldn’t be with happy smiling company, endless sunny days and sublime surf) I am very much looking forward to having somewhere I can call my own. Because working on the road is generally good for saving deposits, it gives this whole working nomad existence additional purpose, which was perhaps lacking in the early days.

So I hope this adds more inspiration to anyone thinking of following me. Being a working nomad can be good for your future and doesn’t necessarily have to stop with just providing travel and living expenses. You also stand to gain valuable web and marketing skills that can be useful in the real world if you choose that afterwards.

I have no real plans for the next couple of months. I have a 60 day Indo visa and will probably leave the country when the wet season splatters on my thinning hair, perhaps sometime in late November. I have a rough idea where I might head in SE Asia but for now I am just enjoying the moment.

So over the next few months expect some useful tips & tricks for making money from the web, a unique window into my mundane life and the odd envy inducing sunny photo to brighten up your short winter days 😉 (of course, not applicable to those in the southern hemisphere).