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Calling all you wannabe travel writers!

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I am sure there are lots of peeps out there dreaming of being a travel writer. There must be. I see them all the time hanging out in travel forums on the web.

My advice is to do what I have done and start your own web site rather than sending them to magazines or other web sites in the hope you’ll get paid. Usually you won’t unless you very good or experienced!

As travel writers you have the main ingredient to be a web site publisher. You can write good quality content. Not waffle like I write but really informative and encapsulating stuff.

So what’s stopping you? Stop sending your work off and create your own web portfolio of your written work. You can earn money from your travel articles through Google Adsense and once you have a big online portfolio then you can just email the magazines a link to your new web site!

Go for it. I am happy to help as best I can so don’t be afraid to contact me!