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Flight booked!

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Monday 17th October and I will be off! Got a bargain one way ticket from London to Bali with a brief stop in KL. Can’t wait to go now.

I had originally planned to book a flight to KL and pick up an Air Asia onward flight to Bali but I have discovered that many airlines in South East Asia will chuck in a free onward flight!

In terms of web work I had my first outing today working with my laptop in the pleasent surroundings of a local coffee shop. I also discovered that while I’m away from an Internet connection I actually work much  harder and I am generally more productive. The Internet is quite a distraction!

Well it’s been a good day all round. Always nice to the get flight sorted out and behind me. I can now concentrate on my work.

There will be an earnings udpdate soon. I am pretty much on for matching what I achieved in July and August. Traffic  has been down on my sites this month so far which surprised me for September. Anyway still another week to go.