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Earnings Update for September 05

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Well it has been a mixed month for my web sites. I should be happy because I have had a record month making a profit of around GBP460 or USD820 which is slightly more than I made in June. July and August were fairly quiet months although I was still making nearly £100 a week.

I guess I have mixed feelings because for most of September I have been working harder on the sites and my traffic is way down on the previous months! Now I know the sites exist purely to make money and to enable me to work from anywhere but it is disappointing when your sites lose popularity. I think Google are updating there search engine results and I have taken a bit of a hit. Thats the way things go. You have to roll with the punches.

I guess I am feeling a bit down because of what has happened in Bali last night. I will be in Bali on the 18th of October and still have every intention to go. In fact I am more determind to go than ever. Although the terrorists have clearly set out their agenda we cannot let them win and drive tourists away from Bali.