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About to hit the road again

Terrorism threats permitting I should be on my way to Southwest France on Sunday. I am heading to the European surfing mecca of Biarritz on the Atlantic coast. This is another European destination I always wanted to go and never got round to!

I used to have a habit of putting things off and always thinking they’ll be another time to go there or to do something but not anymore. The way I see it is that this lifestyle could come crashing down on me so I am determined to live life to the max while I can. The proverbial sun is shining and I am getting stuck into the harvest!

Anyway I have a few days checking the surf out before hopping on a train to Madrid for my week in After that I plan to go trekking in the Pyrenees (another place I have always dreamt about going to!) for a few days before heading back to the UK in September.

I have to stay put for one month because my passport will be in the hands of the New Zealand Embassy in London while they consider my working holiday visa application.

Through">Bunac&lt it is now possible to for UK citizens up to the age of 35 to apply for a one year working holiday visa. I have one year left so I am going to grab the opportunity while I can. If I go to NZ it will be next year. You are probably wondering why I need a working visa when I can work anywhere anyway?

Well I fancy doing something different. I am not sure what sort of work I will be looking for but it will probably only be part-time anyway. I am thinking of something in the outdoors, away from the office, that might provide a springboard to a new career when I get back to Europe later in the year.