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Where does a Working Nomad sleep

Working Nomad I have slept in a whole array of different accommodations. Over the last year I have stayed in nice hotels, youth hostels, backpacker hostels, B&Bs, tent sites (one of my favourites), airport lounges, mountain refuges and people’s sofas!

I really enjoy camping and it is a great way of keeping costs down (providing you can find somewhere safe to store your laptop!). By far the most enjoyable places to stay are hostels.

There are youth hostels worldwide these days and they are much more welcoming than in the old days of curfews and prison like atmosphere! Hostels are a great way of meeting other folk of all ages and from varied backgrounds.

The Working Nomad budget calculator will be online soon which will give you soom idea of how much destinations cost. The first destinations covered will be Switzerland, Australia, Thailand and Indonesia.