Ways to take things to the next level

It has been a while since I have written anything on the blog but I have been busy getting things sorted out here in sunny Auckland. Looking for somewhere to live and something to drive is a full time occupation.

So I have often banged on about taking things to a new level. It is easier said than done to raise your game especially if you have been lacking in motivation!

So after two years of growth I am finally getting someone on board to work with me full time for a month initially. A friend of mine in Auckland has been stuck in an employment rut and I am helping her out which I am sure will help me out as well.

I have used freelancers in the past to help on certain requirements but I have never had someone working with me side by side.

I am hoping that this temporary partnership will…

– Motivate me more to continue working and innovating
– Add lots of new content to existing websites (she is a good writer)
– A fresh pair of eyes and feedback for what I have done up to now
– Help kick start some new projects that have been on the back burner for a while
– New ideas for web projects through market research

So I am finally re-investing some of the money I have made and I am confident of an excellent return on this outlay.

It will be nice to work with another person for a while and I am hoping this could be the start of establishing a more serious web business.

My only regret is that I did not do this before now!

Another Working Nomad takes the plunge…

As I write this, the ink is still wet on the freshly-signed resignation letter on the desk next to me. In just seven weeks from now I will be leaving my front door and heading overland from the UK over to France, Switzerland, Germany, Russia and beyond – armed with a laptop and a whole host of ideas for new sites.

After wanting this for nearly two years, I finally have the opportunity to make a go of it. And I would be lying if I said I wasn’t soiling myself slightly at the uncertainty of it all!

Luckily, my company have offered me a sabbatical arrangement, so I can go straight back to my job on my return (if I return…) at the same salary and grade – so I really have nothing to lose by taking the plunge, but everything to gain.

So here’s to the Working Nomad life on the road – and for all those of you striving to get there, I can offer you Webby’s words of advice that he gave to me in our first correspondence back in February 2006: good luck and never give it up because it can be done.

The longest journey

I am back in the familiar surroundings of Singapore Airport and halfway to my destination of Auckland. Instead of stopping off in Asia which I have done the last couple of years I have decided to fly straight through and it is nice to have a few hours break between two long flights.

So this year things are a little different for me. I have a Working Holiday Visa for NZ which I managed to get just in time before I became too old! I missed out by a few weeks when I turned 31 and regretted it big time but thankfully I have a reprieve as it is now possible up to 35 for Brits.

You are probably wondering why I am bothering? Well apart from being addicted to NZ and determined to keep my endless summer going I have decided to go back and do some normal work that involves contact with other human beings.

Like I have mentioned on numerous occasions the life of a working nomad can be a lonely one.

I will still run my websites and this site of course. The great thing about affiliate marketing and running websites is that you can put in as many hours as you like and as you become established you can get away with working less.

So I have a one year visa for NZ. Not sure how its going to pan out but I am not too worried about that. I am simply looking forward to some new challenges.

Nerdy Nomad is Born

Back in http://www.workingnomad.com/149/a-working-nomad-in-training/&quot August 2006 I was struggling to earn $100/month and dreaming of the day when I’d be able to pack in my job and live off my website income. Well it’s been a year since that first post and my earnings topped $1250 last month. In four months my dream to live off my internet income will come true!

I’ll be heading off to Asia sometime in January 2007 with no set plans and I thought now would be as good a time as any to start a blog of my own. I’ve never been too keen on the whole blog thing but I’m getting into it and I’ve learned quite a lot already about WordPress, networking and marketing in general.

I expect to chime in now and then with guest posts on WN and I’ll be kicking around the forums as usual but I’d love for you to come over and have a look at my new site – a http://www.nerdynomad.co

Back in my first post I said If I can manage to make a go of all of this I think it really will prove that it can be done!&quot Now that I’m doing it I hope it motivates everyone to keep focused on their goals!

See you on the road!

Working Nomad’s Birthday!

Working Nomad BirthdayWell on this day two years ago the Working Nomad site started on a hot sunny day in London. Here are the first few words…

This is the first post of the working nomad blog. In a little over one month I will be embarking on a six month plus trip around Asia. I have not decided where but likely locations will be Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Nepal early next year.

The difference between this trip and the 1000s of other trips undertaken by backpackers is that it will be entirely funded by money earned through maintaining sites on the Internet.

Not really sure where the time has gone to be honest! Two years wandering the globe with a laptop in the hope that I might make more money and have more freedom than my last job gave me.

I don’t like looking back and reflecting on things so much these days. Best thing is to look forward and work on maintaining this lifestyle and helping those who are inspired to be free from the office.

By the way I broke through the $10,000 mark again in August, by quite a bit as well! More in the August earnings report.

Mind your language

Back in Madrid now after a superb week at Valdelavilla, the abanded Spanish village where I have lived in isolation with 40 English and Spanish speakers. It is quite a culture shock being back in a large city now.

We are all pretty exhausted. Most nights were late affairs in the bar and the English teaching schedule was very intense during the day. It was hard enough for us English speakers let alone the Spaniards who were having to get to grip with a new language!

The more the Spaniards drank the better their English became.

The people were cool and we had a great mix of ages and personalities. It was a shame when we all had to say goodbye yesterday but at least I am able to hang out with a few of the Anglos before leaving Madrid on Monday.

After some persuasion I did a presentation on the Working Nomad idea which seemed to go down well. The word is getting out and anyone who reads the www.transitionsabroad.com magazine from the States will read about WN as well this month.