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The longest journey

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I am back in the familiar surroundings of Singapore Airport and halfway to my destination of Auckland. Instead of stopping off in Asia which I have done the last couple of years I have decided to fly straight through and it is nice to have a few hours break between two long flights.

So this year things are a little different for me. I have a Working Holiday Visa for NZ which I managed to get just in time before I became too old! I missed out by a few weeks when I turned 31 and regretted it big time but thankfully I have a reprieve as it is now possible up to 35 for Brits.

You are probably wondering why I am bothering? Well apart from being addicted to NZ and determined to keep my endless summer going I have decided to go back and do some normal work that involves contact with other human beings.

Like I have mentioned on numerous occasions the life of a working nomad can be a lonely one.

I will still run my websites and this site of course. The great thing about affiliate marketing and running websites is that you can put in as many hours as you like and as you become established you can get away with working less.

So I have a one year visa for NZ. Not sure how its going to pan out but I am not too worried about that. I am simply looking forward to some new challenges.