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Working Nomad’s Birthday!

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Working Nomad BirthdayWell on this day two years ago the Working Nomad site started on a hot sunny day in London. Here are the first few words…

This is the first post of the working nomad blog. In a little over one month I will be embarking on a six month plus trip around Asia. I have not decided where but likely locations will be Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Nepal early next year.

The difference between this trip and the 1000s of other trips undertaken by backpackers is that it will be entirely funded by money earned through maintaining sites on the Internet.

Not really sure where the time has gone to be honest! Two years wandering the globe with a laptop in the hope that I might make more money and have more freedom than my last job gave me.

I don’t like looking back and reflecting on things so much these days. Best thing is to look forward and work on maintaining this lifestyle and helping those who are inspired to be free from the office.

By the way I broke through the $10,000 mark again in August, by quite a bit as well! More in the August earnings report.