A white Christmas downunder?

Tongariro National ParkBack in Auckland now recovering from a very nice and chilly three days in the Tongariro World Heritage area in the centre of the North Island. Yes I had a white christmas downunder! There was probably more snow than in the European Alps.

Anyway I hope you all had a great Christmas and will catch up from the Bay of Islands where I intend to spend New Year

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Heading to Tongariro National Park

I finally have a car. I bought it via tradme.co.nz which is the NZ version of ebay. I won the auction and have a Nissan for NZD $530 which is not a lot of money. The car goes really well so far and I think I got a bit of a bargain as it only passed it’s road worthy test last week for 6 months.

So I am leaving Auckland, my base, for a few days in the volcanic centre of the North Island to do some trekking. Despite the fact it is officially summer here there is still some snow on the trail apparently!

The weather has been pretty awful the last few days but things should settle down in the new year. I am coming back to Auckland for a Christmas day on the beach booze up and then heading to the North for new years. Catch up with you on Christmas eve!

Walked in the walking boots but still no wheels

I have found a free Internet connection here in the YHA hostel where I am staying on Central Auckland which cool. Wireless internet connections are normally really expensive in NZ unless you are prepared to sign up for a year!

I am still on the look out for a car but I am going to attend a couple of car fairs this weekend and hopefully I can pick one up and drive off down to the Tongariro National Park and try out my newly broken walking boots.

I have had a very poor first half of December on the earnings front but things have picked up a bit over the last few days and I should at least be able to match last December.

It’s almost Christmas folks, but not as I know it

I am still in Auckland and now I have my driving licence so I can actively pursue the purchase of an old banger to drive around in. I have never been downunder over the festive season and despite the better efforts of the retailers here it really does n’t feel like xmas, particularly on a hot sunny day like today!

The site has been having a few issues and has not always been working so I am urging people to let me know via this Forum thread if the site becomes unavailable.

I am staying in a really friendly hostel and have already organised Christmas and New Years with some other people. Christmas is likely to be back in Auckland and New Years in the stunning Bay of Islands. I love NZ!

Links Sales

Well I’ve sold my first link! I’ve replaced a link to ‘Which Budget’ to a similar site that I find just as helpful and easier to use… so I don’t feel like I’m selling my soul! The link is on my www.travoholic.com/euro/trans/plane.htm&quot Budget Airlines; page and I’ve charged $25/year. I have no idea if that’s a fair price or not but I’m happy with it, specially since it only took 10 seconds to change and it’s replacing a link I had already (so I’m not adding an extra outgoing link). Plus I just set up a Paypal account and it’s nice to see a balance in there… even if it is small.

I’ve had a committment of $5/month for a link on the front page of http://www.workingholidayinfo.com&quot but I just need to work out how to set up Paypal to accept automatic monthly payments. Any ideas? Otherwise I’ve been offered $50 for the year so we’ll see. I would prefer monthly though. Plus I’ve sold a link through Linkworth for $20/month so I’ll get 70% of that I think. I just need to work out how to set that one up and then it’ll be all good!

So I’ve got some money coming in (finally!) from sources other than Adsense and this is without much effort at all. I think there is a lot of opportunity for selling links directly just through people I find at http://forums.digitalpoint.com/forumdisplay.php?f=58&quot and will be exploring this more in the future. The links I’ve sold through the forum have been through answering people’s ads who were looking for sites to advertise on. I’m curious about what the response will be once I start posting ads myself looking for advertisers… just need to work out this monthly Paypal thing and set some prices!

I think this little boost is what I need to get my motivation back!

It’s official; Sydney is full for Christmas and New Years

Well despite my best Internet efforts I could not secure any accommodation for Sydney over the Christmas period where my friends will be. Even before now hostels were only accepting week or two week long bookings for the period.

The whole Australia thing was too much hassle in the end and if you are planning to go there around December anytime then make sure you book everything well in advance!

So I leapfrogged the great continent country over to Auckland, New Zealand from where I am writing this post. I arrived yesterday after flying to Singapore and then a 6 hours stopover in Brisbane.

For the first time in my 35 year old history I sampled the delights of business class thanks to a last minute upgrade with Qantas. I thought my luck was finally changing after the last few weeks until I was informed my TV screen would not work for the duration of the flight (it was only 7 hours which was not that bad anyway).

So to make up for it I was served copious amounts of Champagne which sent me off to sleep for most of the flght anyway. My luck turned again when the guy sitting next door managed to get me into the first class Qantas lounge at Brissy airport where I could shower and gorge on the free tucker and Internet.

So I am back in North Island this time to do pretty much what I enjoy most in life, that is being in the hills and (on) the sea. It’s early summer here and I am enjoying the slightly cooler weather and the novelty of requiring a duvet to sleep under at night.

I am going to purchase another car here. My driving license is winging its way over from the UK (fingers crossed and thanks again Mum!) and when it arrives I’ll be heading out of the city for a few weeks before I look for somewhere to stay put for a while.

Why I am looking to stay put somewhere? Because that’s what I need!

A Different Approach

After yet another sub-$100 month with Adsense and no success on the affiliates front I’m going to switch gears a bit and go for some link sales.

I registered with http://www.linkworth.com&quot awhile ago but totally forgot about it. I got an email a few days ago saying that I’d made a sale for $20 for a rotating link on my main page so I’ve sort of been inspired to look into selling more links this way. I still have to work out how to install the code though! It’s times like these I wish I were more of a computer geek.

So I registered today with http://www.text-link-ads.com/?ref=42415&quot forums and have had a few offers come from that. One was for $25-35/month for a sitewide link and the other was asking what I would charge for a link to his site in the form of a recommendation (in place of another site that’s always been there for free).

I think if I can manage to sort out the code for this Linkworth offer and the sitewide link for this month I’ll be really happy. That’ll be an increase of 50% on the previous month’s earnings which is much better than the 0% ‘jumps’ in income over the past few months!!

This is all new to me so even putting a value to a link on my page is a bit confusing. I’ll keep you informed of how things turn out.

Earnings report for November 06

Well November wasn’t great and my earnings were a little over GBP 1800 or USD 3500 so thats a little down on October which was my poorest month for a while.

The weakness of the USD doesn’t help as much of my earnings come in dollars. I cannot really blame the weakening of the major currency for the drop though!

I really have done very little work in the last 2 months (apart from the last 2 days!) so this is more the reason for the slight fall. This is making me work harder now to recover the difference and despite a very poor start to December I am confident of getting things back on track.

The geek will inherit the earth

I have neglected my sites over the last two months and have seen monthly falls in income as a result! You reap what you sow!

My focus now is to get things back on track and start looking at some new website projects.

Thanks to everyone who sent me get well soon emails; messages. I feel back to 100% now and hungry for cyberworld domination.

On a side note isn’t it annoying when people always have to put exclamation marks at the end of sentences! It is if their are trying to be sensationalist! Damn them!!!

Finally congrats to our member Neale who reached 100 posts on the http://www.workingnomad.com/forum&quot and he would like to announce his site http://www.yabenews.com/&quot Online Auction News