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Where would you go?

Migratory Birds

Seasonal migration is not just for birds

One of the decisions that a mobile worker has to make is where to hang out. The pattern I have adopted over the last few years is to be in Europe from around March to October and then head to the Tropics and Southern Hemisphere during the winter.

Locations that interest me are places with warm climates, good access to outdoor activities, cheaper cost of living and places where there are like minded people, which is very important. For instance I avoid family orientated places.

I suppose I am like a migratory bird, seeking out warmer destinations when things start turning dark and cool. I am guessing that anyone interested in winter sports might do the complete opposite to me.

People often ask me about my job, where I have lived, where I go etc and I wonder what they really think when I tell them I have been escaping from the UK winter. Most people seem impressed with the idea but would they really do it themselves if given the opportunity?

So I am interested in feedback, particularly from those in steady careers, as to whether they would go away and work remotely during a certain part of the year. If you would go away then where would you head and why?