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A better year for my carbon footprint

It has been a  while since I have updated the site but to be honest not too much has been going on. I have in fact been living in Bristol for nearly 7 months now and in that time have only been abroad once to Madrid for a weekend.

Apart from a stint in Auckland this is the longest I have stayed anywhere for a few years and I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t happy being where I am. I have forged some great friendships in a relatively short space of time and this alone makes the thought of leaving difficult.

Having said all that I do believe I will always have itchy feet and I am still fascinated by people that travel for long periods or live nomadic lives. It must be in my blood.

It was only driving home from the Gower on Sunday that I heard about cheap flights from my local airport to Cancun, Mexico and I pretty much decided to book there and then. I am avoiding Cancun itself and will be moving around the Yucatan and maybe Belize for just two weeks before heading home. It will only be a short trip but it should quench my desire to roam.

I am not great at making long term plans, preferring to do things on impulse, so it is impossible to say where I will be next year. I am already planning on being away for some of the UK winter but it will be in shorter bursts as I want to keep my flat on in Bristol. I hope to visit Bali and also looking at Latin America where I hope to develop my Spanish.

Work is still ticking along and I have a couple of people who work for me now on a casual basis. I will continue to be involved in websites while it provides me with an income.

I am slowly learning that living in the moment is the way forward.