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Travel car insurance: top 5 things to keep in mind if you travel over the border

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Having a family protection endorsement

You need to know that safety comes first. Especially if you are traveling with your family over the border. Even if it may sounds I little bit exaggerated you cannot know what may happen so having a family protection endorsement would make things easier and safer for you and your family members. Yes, if you rely on a car insurance like the one offered by The aa you will be covered besides your car (and this would be valid for other cars you drive too) but what about your family? Add the services to your policy and everything will be safer and convenient too.

Having your travel car insurance ready to cover your hired car too

If you’re renting a car while on holiday it’s important to have an extension of your car insurance even on your rented car. Yes, when you opt for a car rental usually the rental company gives you an insurance offer but, of course, if something bad happens such as an accident or some damage to the vehicle but the rate would be so much higher than what you usually pay with your own company. With a car hire excess can be added to your preexistent and already active travel insurance covering your excess costs in the event of a claim. Always look for some optional extras to customize your policy and create exactly the type of coverage you need.


How long are you going to stay?

This is an extra point. If you decided to stay a little bit longer over the border you should definitely keep in mind that your insurance premiums may vary and suffer an increase. For longer-term stays, in fact, you should register your car and activate a car insurance right there where you want to stay. Always communicate your decisions to whom it may concern.

Always learn something more about your travel car insurance before leaving

This is an essential point. It really doesn’t matter where you are headed, you should definitely learn everything useful and important to live your car trip in the best way possible. Contact your travel car insurance and ask them every info while communicating what’s your travel destination to know if there is any restriction or any normative you should be aware of. This will give you the chance to have everything all ready and settled for you, your car (or your rental car) and your family for a wonderful experience.

Drive safely and respect the rule of the streets

Last but not least, remember that when it comes to the rule of the roads and speed limits you should be careful as unfortunately even when back home those effects could impact your insurance rates and you are going to pay the tickets and higher rates for your insurance coverage! Be careful, respect the rules and try to keep things safe and stress-free.