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Singapore Airlines and the bloody lolly

Just a note on Singapore Airlines while I sit here patiently at the Airport that is their hub.

I have never flown with them before and was quite full of eager anticipation to be flying with one of the best airlines in the world. I have to say they did not meet my expectations.

The leg room was really poor and it felt like a budget airline. The food was tasteless, poorly presented and cold. The staff were not the friendliest and one got the impression we were just in the way.

The ice cream they served after lunch took the skin of my lips as it was too frozen and I ended up with a bloody lolly. The same thing happened to the guy next to me as well. There was sheer panic in his face as the flavourless lump of orange ice dangled from his bottom lip.

On a positive their in-flight entertainment was excellent even though the brightness control on my screen was broken and set too dark.

I’m off to the airport bar now.