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Earnings report for March 2007

Coming live from my favourite airport here is the earnings report for March. I did not match my previous two months but at GBP 2600 / USD 5100 I cannot complain particularly as I am still GBP 1000 up on March 2006.

Despite a poor start to April (how many times do I say that!) earnings look like they are levelling out at which still justifies continuing this as a ‘full time’ job. When I get back to the UK in three weeks I am going unleash a new wave of sites and updates to push on to the next level.

So now I am half way home now and awaiting my onward flight here at Singapore to my favourite holiday destination (an Indonesian Island famous for surfing!). I then head for Hong Kong before heading home.

Always nice to be back in Asia, particularly after the expense of Australia but I am kind of glad that I am not ‘bumming’ around here for too long this time. I think that having less time someplace makes you appreciate it more, particularly in this job.