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Working Nomad’s Online History Part One

Ipswich AwayThe picture right is from one of my first websites, entitled Ipswich Away. It was a guide for football supporters of Ipswich Town (my home town team) when they travelled to away matches (as I did as well, even when we played in Milan & Moscow!).

The site was started in the summer of 2001 and represents one of my first attempts at web domination. The site is no longer active but you can view an archive of it below. Even the petrol calculator still works!

Ipswich Away – Webby’s first site

The site was just a hobby and made no money except for some unique ITFC jigsaw puzzles that we sold after the teams UEFA Cup run. Brings back some happy memories! The bizarre thing is that I Google loved the site, I had lots of natural backlinks and I believe it was PR6 at some stage in the Google directory!

Perhaps I should have kept the site going but it kind of represents a certain period of my life that I’d rather leave as a fond memory.