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Welcome to the Working Nomad blog

This is the first post of the working nomad blog. In a little over one month I will be embarking on a six month trip around Asia. I haven’t decided where but likely locations will be Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.

The difference between this trip and the 1000s of other trips undertaken by backpackers is that it will be entirely funded by money earnt through maintaining sites on the Internet.

I have almost finished my contract job in London that came to a bit of a surprise ending! Without naming where I worked lets just say the future wasn’t bright for me there ;o)

I had planned on going away to do this in November / December just before the short winter days fall upon Northern Europe, but now I am leaving on October.

Have a look around this blog. I hope to help others who might be thinking about working on the road as well.

I have to renew my passport (thankfully I can have a new picture in my passport!) as it expires early next year, so that should be fun!

I have a lot of things to buy for the trip, not least a small portable laptop and a new backpack.

Well thats my first ever blog entry. It is a hot afternoon in London and I am about to go to the pub and watch England vs Wales.
Bye for now.