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1 Year & 12 Destinations for the Sun Seeking Nomad – Part Two

As promised here is Part Two of our 12 month / 12 destination guide for the sun seeking nomad following the best weather around the globe.

So lets get straight back into the year as a digital nomad starting off in the month of July.


BRISTOL, UK – July average temp 21C

Without doubt the best month to be in the United Kingdom as it’s continental neighbours are frying, the UK is at it’s most pleasant although it can actually get above 30C, particularly around London.

Bristol however has a slightly milder climate and the city really comes alive in the summer months. There are festivals pretty much every weekend from May through August and the long hours of daylight (typically 5am – 9pm in June) make it a great place to be. You are also a stones throw away from national parks and the splendour of Devon and Cornwall, just 2 hours down the M5 motorway.




BARCELONA, SPAIN – August average temp 29C

Barcelona is a great destination for the nomadic worker any time of the year. August may not seem like the best month to go but it’s not quite as hot as you’d imagine and if you are wanting to cool down you have access to some of the best city beaches in Europe.

Because many Spanish take their holidays in August the city will not seem as crowded as you’d might expect as the Spanish Costas are more appealing as holiday destinations.




PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC – September average temp 22C

The capital of the Czech Republic and tourist mecca Prague is a great place to be in September with lovely temperatures and lots of outdoor action.

The city hosts a number of festivals at this time of the year and of course you have the World famous beer halls and beer! If you want a quick city escape you could head down to Berlin for the famous oktoberfest for more great beer!




MIAMI – October average temp 29C

So leaving Europe Behind we scoot over the Atlantic to the East coast of the USA to the grand city of Miami, more specifically Miami Beach.




Miami has an enviable year around climate but comes into it’s own in October just as the rest of the United States is cooling down. Miami beach is an extensive built up area that acts as a beach front for Miami itself.

There are so many cafes and bars to choose from in the Miami beach area and you’re not far from major airport hubs in order to move on to your next monthly destination.


MERIDA, MEXICO – November average temp 29C

We leave the United States and a short hop via the numerous Florida airports can take you down to Mexico. Our base of choice for November is the main city of the Yucatan peninsular, Merida.


In order to get to Merida you are best off going via Cancun airport where a direct bus can take you straight to Merida leaving the party resort behind.

Merida itself is a delightful Spanish colonial city blessed with great weather year around and some awesome choice of places to eat, drink and be merry.

There is also a thriving cafe scene in the old town which makes finding a wifi hotspot and catching up on work very easy indeed.


ANTIGUA, GUATEMALA – November average temp 28C

So finally we are into December and this month we head further South to the beautiful colonial town of Antigua.


The city is a great destination for Digital Nomads and indeed one could spend the whole year and never visit the same coffee shop twice!

There is a very healthy expat and English speaking student population in the town due to the huge number of language schools in residence.

With this large expat population is some world class restaurants and places to stay at very affordable rates.