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CSS, where have you been all my life?

This past week I’ve been working on the complete overhaul of an old site and I’ve decided to break free from my usual same old template and try something new for a change.

This has meant attempting to move away from using my beloved tables to lay out the site, instead opting for a bit of CSS. Not knowing anything but the basics, this has been a bit of a challenge but I think I’m slowly pulling it off and learning how powerful CSS really is.

Using tables, I’d be able to hammer out a site layout in a matter of hours. With CSS because I’m still learning, it’s taking a lot longer and I’m still tweaking things a week after starting. But the thing with CSS is that I have a greater feel of control and flexibility than ever before so I don’t feel like I have to nail the design straight off the bat. If I get sick of it, I can easily tweak little things here and there or even change the entire look with little effort. I’m still learning so I think my CSS file is unnecessarily long and unruly but that’s something I can go back to later once I learn more about it.

I think the more I use it the more I’ll see what it’s capable of so, like the design junky I am, I’m kinda looking forward to learning more. CSS – it’s the way forward!