All work and no play

Well it has been a while since I have updated the working nomad blog but this has been due to some hard work that I have been putting in to my web sites. Also nothing else particularly interesting has happened and I am back in the capital of Malaysia now before heading to my 5th country this weekend, the city state of Singapore.

I have been to Singapore before but strangely enough never went to one of it’s most famous landmarks, the Raffles hotel. I think a Singapore Sling will have to be done.

I am again making good use of the free wi-fi offered by Starbucks which is saving me a lot of money and means I can get heaps done. I even got a free drink this morning!

My web sites are all doing pretty well. The main earner for December is back on it’s feet now as MSN search has taken a liking to it. I created a similar site as well and it has rocketed to number 3 in the Google charts. I wonder how long this one will be given before the Google God strikes it down.

This is a good tip. If you find something that works well and earns money then copy it and copy it again. If you find a niche area that you can dominate then do not sit back because in the web world things can change in a second. Have something in reserve and don’t stop testing and tweaking.

It is quite frustrating when you put time and effort into a site only to see it fail but this is no different to normal small businesses. The fact is many small businesses fail and only the ones that adapt tend to survive.

Well this is probably the most dull post I have made but I am in working mode at the moment. I am sure excitement is lurking just around the corner.