Bali, Indonesia. One of my first Working Nomad destinations in 2005.

My name is Anthony and I am originally from sunny old England I started the whole travel thing when I was 30. My 20s were spent working in London as an I.T. Contractor and a corporate slave.

I have been working online since 2005 and have spent a lot of that time away from the UK. Travel changed my view on life and I quickly realised that working for big business and climbing the corporate ladder was n’t for me.

Hobbies and Interests

I guess it goes without saying that I love travel. I also have a great passion for the Internet while trying to avoid being a total web geek.

I enjoy surfing whether it be at my favourite beach in England (Woolacoombe Bay) or anywhere else. I first learned to surf in New Zealand in 2003 during a one year round the world trip. I have since surfed in Australia, Bali, Malaysia, Southern Spain, France and of course Devon & Cornwall in England.

I love also love hiking and being in the mountains. I have a lot of time in the backountry of New Zealand and have completed popular long distance hikes like the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Away from the outdoors I enjoy watching sport, in particular rugby, cricket and tennis.

I love music and watching live bands. Anything from REM in London’s Hyde Park, Reading Festival or a small up and coming band in the Dublin Castle, Camden, North London.

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