Bob Geldof’s worst nightmare

Tomorrow will be the longest Monday imaginable for me and a day I’ll probably never forget. The day will start at 3.30 am when my taxi picks me up for the ride to Sydney airport.

I then fly back to Auckland and have a 5 hour wait at the airport before boarding my flight at 17.00 NZ time across the Pacific Ocean to the States. After picking up my hire car around 13.00 Pacific Time US (still on Monday and 4 hours before I left NZ?!) I then plan to drive to Joshua Tree National Park where I will find a motel and probably collapse in a heap.

Because of the time differences and crossing the international date line Monday will be roughly a 40 hour day. So the best thing I can do now is have an early night and not think too hard about Monday 28th April.

Homeless again

I am waiting for my taxi now to take me to the airport and spending my last few hours at Ardmore Road in quiet reflection.

I have had a lot of fun here and have met some quality people. Sadly a lot of those people have moved on as I am about to do but I do find NZ to be quite a transient place, particularly Auckland.

Perhaps it is because 99% of my friends here are expats too. I regret a little that I did not have more Kiwi friends here but when you work on your own you do restrict opportunities to meet locals.

So after a weekend in Sydney I am off to California for three weeks before deciding whether to head back to the UK or perhaps travel down through Mexico.

The NZ working holiday visa I was on represented the best opportunity of staying long term in NZ but my heart was never in it in the end. NZ is just too distant and too quiet for me.

But it is still a wonderful place to visit and I have no regrets about having spent a fair chunk of my recent history in this little corner of the South Pacific.

Farewell and thanks for having me.

One week left in Aotearoa

I finally got around to booking my flight out of NZ. I actually booked a really cheap flight to Sydney last week with Emirates, which happened to be much cheaper than Qantas or Air NZ (frequent Tasman crossers take note!).

So from Sydney I was undecided which way to go but finally decided on going the pacific way and I will be flying onto Los Angeles after a short TEFL course (teaching English). From LA I plan to hire a car for a few weeks and explore California.

I am hoping to see Vegas, Death Valley, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon before heading North to one of the national parks and check out the Sierra Nevada range. Any other suggestions?

When I get back to LA I am either going to fly straight home (around mid to late May) or head down south of the border for a while.

As usual with me my plans are still not set in stone but I think a few weeks travel around California will be enough.

Having been in one place for nearly eight months now has actually not made me yearn for travel for the sake of travel like before.