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Working smarter and taking stock

I have had a pretty poor start to June in terms of web earnings. Maybe the World Cup or the start of the summer have been major factors? Who knows?

A year ago when I was earning a lot less I would have become a bit de-motivated with such a downturn but I don’t anymore. It does n’t bother me in the slightest.

Do you want to know why? Well you’ll have to read chapter 5 of my ebook to find out…..just joking.

The reason is that I know I can earn $3000 per month from web sites because I have done it. It is as simple as that. I also know that by working twice as smart I can double that figure.

So even if you are stuck at $5 a day don’t give in. There is always potential to increase earnings by working smarter.

Working smarter is about looking at where you are now and how you got there.

Ask yourself the following questions…

1. How long has it taken me to get this far?
2. Is there anway I could have got here quicker e.g. employing the help of others, using different tools or methods.
3. Is there something that works well within my site and if so why am I not replicating it (in the same site and other sites)
4. Am I trying to flog a dead horse? e.g. You have a web site you are working on with no commercial appeal to attract advertisers.

I am going to be writing more about this idea of working smarter because it is crucial.