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Working nomad blog is back, again!

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Well it’s been almost a year since I last blogged, tweeted, etc etc but I have decided to share again my wisdom and life with the online world. I have been based in Bristol, England now for approaching two years so not really nomadic anymore, but rest assured people, the spirit of wanderlust still burns in my soul.

So here is a short introduction to the my new adopted city, the grand old lady as Lonely Planet put’s it.

There are over 20 other Bristols scattered around the World and most of them lie within North America. The one I reside in is the original, of course, and home to the first bar of chocolate ever made…and I bet you didn’t realise that Bristol is also home to Lara Croft and Harry Potter?

There are quite a few famous Bristollians including the World’s first test tube baby and Vicky Pollard.

Well that’s enough about Bristol, lets talk about your humble host! What have I been doing in all this time? Well did you know that in two days time it will be this site’s 5th birthday and what was effectively the start of my new way of life? 5 years of no bosses, coffee machines, office air con, commuting, annoying co-workers, deadlines, stress, back stabbing, office politics etc

Has it all been worth it? Well I wouldn’t have changed much to be honest. Sometimes I regret a little not making more of a go at gaining residency in New Zealand, but when I left the country I knew it was the right thing, and the opportunity should always be there, but in truth I have probably not been this settled since, hmmm, well actually a long time, and probably the biggest factor is all the wonderful friends I have here now.

So what of the future?

Well I tend to live day to day these days. I have some plans to make a break in winter for somewhere warmer but it won’t be for too long like before.

Finally I hope to share with you some of the things I have learned recently about web trends and advice for starting up yourself. Opportunities to run your own online business are still abundant as we spend more of our lives online, so even if you are just slightly curious then stay tuned!