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Working Nomad questions and answers part one

I am going to start a questions and answers theme for a few weeks after a suggestion made on one of my posts. This should give you a good idea where I am and what I have been doing. The first part will focus on the work side of things.

I am still in Auckland and it looks like summer has finally arrived along with some extreme humidity!

How much time you spend working (and looking for a place to work for free)

Ok I am currently working quite a bit more than before. The hostel I am staying at has a free wifi connection 🙂 and I figure I am spending 2 hours online and 1 or 2 hours actually creating content / making changes (daily).

So I have no issues looking for free places to work. Overall New Zealand is not a patch on Asia when it comes to free wifi. It seems very rare here and the actual cost of wifi in cafes is 5 times what an Internet cafe charges in some cases. Internet cafes in Auckland are generally NZ$ 2 an hour which is pretty good though.

What sorts of things you are doing with your websites?

Well I have not created any new websites for a while now. What I am trying to do is manage the dozen sites by adding new content. I have learnt that it is better to leave older pages alone unless there needs to be a change made. I do not change TITLE or META tags anymore like I used to. I am finding this is working well with the search engines as they seem to like stable pages.

I am constantly scanning for keywords to find more niches though. There is definetly a correlation between me taking keywords seriously and my increasing income.