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Working Nomad Ebook

Make Money Online’ is my 20 week beginners guide to starting an online business and making money from running websites.

– Do you want to quit the rat race?

– Would you like to run your own online business?

– Interested in a home based business?

– Would you like to live anywhere you want and work when you want?

 20 Week Guide to an Online Income

The e-book is a step by step, week by week guide to making 5 websites in 20 weeks for the purposes of maintaining an online income.

The features of the e-book…

> Tells you exactly what do on a week by week basis from having nothing

> How to earn over USD $10,000 per month from websites!

> End of every week there is a checklist so you know where you should be.

> Links to valuable resources that got me where I am now.

> Written in plain, non-technical standard English.

> Highlights the mistakes I made and how to avoid them.

> Suitable for the absolute novice to get started in website making. No web design knowledge needed!

> Also suitable for the website publisher who already has sites as there is useful information on marketing, improving your site and most importantly getting more visitors!

So why 20 weeks?

Well it took me longer than 20 weeks because I had to do lots of research and learn from many mistakes! I think 20 weeks is enough time to get up and running and this does not mean full-time hours either.

This e-book is valuable because it will save you time and get you to where you want to be faster .

This is no ‘get rich quick‘ or ‘here are all my secrets‘ guide. I am not saying that this is the only way either. It is simply a practical guide to how I achieved what I have achieved and there is no reason why you can’t follow in my foot steps and be at least as successful.

From Mike, Bali

“I started making websites last year and I can honestly say, I wish I had this book back then! The information on some of the the mistakes WN made is valuable information that will help people save both time and money.

I made very similar mistakes when I was starting out. This ebook forms a great blue print for people starting out as internet entrepreneurs and will help people to earn money while traveling.”

From Bobby Knight, USA

“I bought this eBook, and I wanted to say this is probably the best eBook value I have ever purchased.  So many eBooks are just there to collect money from curious people, such as all the ones on hypertension, and the like.

I just wanted to say thanks for writing it. This is a goal of mine, and the way you have written this, it feels almost like a friend telling me over lunch how he manages his business.!”

How do I get the Working Nomad E-book?

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