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Working nomad blog is back

Hey everyone I am back blogging again after a lengthy layoff!

So you probably would like to know what’s been going on with old Webby, or maybe you’re not that bothered, in which case you have to ask yourself why am I reading something that I’m not interested in, which is probably not much better than reading about someone that you are partially interested in.

Anyway, I am semi settled in the UK, well Bristol to be precise, a city of idiot drivers and funny accents, and still working away on the web and generally living a happy and free existence.

I got back from my last trip in January, to a cold winter from a scorching Perth in Western Australia where I spent a number of weeks travelling around in a rental car not really knowing what I was doing or where I was going.

The weather is now improving and I am looking forward to getting stuck into the outdoor pursuits that provide me with an escape.

As for this blog, well I can’t promise tales from far off lands, or nightmare long bus trips or even coconut throwing monkeys but I do want to continue to inspire others to get off their fat hairy butts, do something different with their lives and to try and strive for a taste of life where they have more control over their time.

So I hope you follow me again. If you have any interest in breaking free from the rat race then you’d be foolish not to.

…..and don’t forget our forum where you’ll find many other like minded souls who are battling away and unselfishly giving their time to help others.