An open invitation to work with me

I have just released a new site with friend of mine that is Hotels in Port Vila (capital of Vanuatu)! She did much of the donkey work looking for the domain name and I put the website together pretty quickly and will further promote and market it.

Working this way has given me a real boost and I feel much more motivated to make this work than when I just create stuff on my own. The overspill is that I am motivated to get other sites updated too!

So this is an open invitation to anyone with any ideas for websites or making money online. The Internet is still new and there are lots of areas to exploit. It is a bit like digging for gold but if you find a nugget then it can turn out to be a very nice passive income.

You can contact me via this site, twitter, facebook or whatever. I am always willing to hear out ideas and work on them and I can bring a lot to the table.

You do not have to be someone I know or that lives nearby. I am willing to work with anyone anywhere providing they can demonstrate commitment to the idea.

I am always interested in buying domain names too so if anyone fancies investing with me in the new hot real estate of domain names then let me know!