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When some place is just too nice (for the Solo)

So I am on the train now heading back South along the New South Wales coast after watching my Big Sister become and Ironman yesterday after 16 gruelling hours in the water, on two wheels and then two feet. It knackered me and my mother out just watching it.

Port Maquaire is an idyllic place but it reminds of something I read once in a Bill Bryson book. The solo traveller should always try and avoid this type of comfortable place.

There can be nothing more depressing for the lone traveller than seeing happy people go about there everyday life in such a pleasent location. It’s like peering into a suburban home through your camper van window (they’re my words, not Brysons).

I kind of get what he meant but luckily for me I had my family around me so I never got this sense of living on the edge of a contented society in a dreamy place.

I am off to the Blue mountains in a day after a short stop in Sydney. This Sunday I start the long journey home (wherever that is?) by flying to Bali for a week or so.

I will post the usual earnings report soon. No record month for March though. It has been a real up and down time having had some of my worst and best days in March!

I think I am getting ready to take things to the next level and have started to think seriously about the potential of income from websites.

I have been doing a lot of reading recently and have been updating some of my skills with the intention of releasing a new wave of income earning websites based around my 5 site model that’s illustrated in my ebook.

Incidentially I continue to sell quite a few copies of my ebook and this has prompted me to make more and updates which is a continual process. So if you are contemplating buying the ebook you can be assured that it is packed full of up to date information. We all know how quickly things change on the web.

The Working nomad blog will also have some new blood contributing soon once I have set up their accounts so you the follower will get to read some more accounts of people working towards and living their dream.