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Turning a corner… slowly.

Hey guys,

It’s been ages since I’ve updated on my progress but it seems like a lot has happened lately. December was a great month with a couple of discoveries – Linkworth and selling text links directly. I sold one Linkworth link in December for $20/month (before the %25 cut) and decided to up my price to $30 and just got an email today saying I’ve sold another.

Selling links directly has helped me rake it in over the past few weeks. It’s great motivation to get back to basics by focusing on, my main site with the best content, most traffic and highest PR that is therefore the most appealling to people looking to buy links.

Adsense was under $100 yet again for December but has picked up loads in January and if I don’t finally break that $100 mark this month I’ll be surprised. Plus I’ve sold a couple of t-shirts! My niche site which I built for an event coming up on February 3rd has let me down severely in the Adsense and affiliate departments (despite getting pretty good traffic and pageviews of 150+ and 400+ daily respectively) but I’ve managed to offload a couple shirts in a couple days for a whopping $6 in profit. Not much but it’s always nice to get that first sale to know a program actually works!

Speaking of which… I bought some travel insurance via an affiliate link (through Clix Galore) on one of my sites and have yet to see any commission reported. That’s a bit of a concern, especially since the people at the insurance company have been pretty slack at getting back to me. Oh and one more thing… I just realised last week that my affiliate program was a bit wonky making bookings through my site impossible. It’s fixed now and has never been a major earner but it’s still frustrating. I’m up to about $170 with them at the moment too so every sale, no matter how small or few and far between, will push me towards the $200 payout and losing two months sucks big ones.

That’s all for now,