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Trapped in Front of My Computer

Well as Webby gets ready to take off on another exotic adventure, I seem to be stuck in some dodgy time warp in front of my computer. Not only have I not made any more money despite having pumped out a few extra sites – but I seem to be making less! Ok seriously now… time for a kick in the pants!

Two things I think I’ve been neglecting are adding more content to my current, most successful site and also getting new incoming links. Instead I seem to be spending time on fixing little back end things and tweaking bits that annoy me but that no one else would ever notice. Judging by all the ‘content is king’ preachers on webmaster forums I think I should start taking their advice and flesh out my main site a bit. Especially since it doesn’t seem to take too long for new articles I write to get picked up by Google and bring in good traffic.

So tonight I think I’ll finish off some half-finished bits of literary genius. I actually find putting a new article up on my site to be the most rewarding out of any of the tweaks and additions I make so here’s hoping I can learn a lesson and get back on it!