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To go one way or not to go one way?

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I am likely to leave the UK in under 4 weeks time and I still have n’t bought a flight out of here yet. In fact I am not even sure whether to buy a one way or return?

In all my travels I have always had that return ticket lurking deep within my backpack. It seems more trouble than it’s worth sometimes.

For instance on my last trip I was sold a ticket where I could change the date of the return leg. This was fine until the day I called Malaysian Airlines while in NZ to be told I could not change the date and would have to fly home on my original return date!

Anyway 3 days later after numerous faxes and telephone calls to London, Melbourne and KL I finally managed to get the flight changed!

I guess the other consideration is cost. At the moment I am looking at GBP300 one way to KL or Bangkok. Open returns are around GBP500.

I am leaning towards a one way ticket despite the extra cost. Anyway when I am ready to come back to the UK I will have made so much money from the web sites I’ll be chartering my own plane (positive thinking!!).

One way it is then.