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Things I would have done differently?

I have arrived on Ko Lanta, Southern Thailand to find a very relaxed and peaceful Island. The Thai people here are slightly different to the majority as they are Muslim (normally Buddhist). I have to say they are some of the friendliest Thais I have met and their smiles are very much of the genuine variety.

It is so nice to be back in my own sleeping environment after two months of sharing dormitories and backcountry huts! I have my own bungalow yards from the beach for less than £5.00 a night. Sleeping to the sound of the sea is much more preferable to some older guy snoring is head off!

I am finding it quite easy to do work here. The laid back pace of life and the fact there is little to do is very conducive to work. I don’t know why I still refer to what I do as work because it rarely feels like it these days.

Things I would have done differently. My laptop has been a little star on this trip but I would have taken a larger model and not been so obsessed with size and weight. I travel light anyway so a few extra grams would not have made much difference. I have always been well under my allowance at airport check-ins.

Because my laptop is so small (and old) the battery life is pretty bad. I have two spare batteries but to be honest they seem to be giving me less and less power. Maybe they don’t travel well.

So my advice when looking for a laptop to travel is to focus on battery length. I am convinced that having a battery that lasts a long time would have made quite a difference to the amount of work I have done over the last few months.