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The Nomad has landed

It is 5am in the morning and I am wide awake with jet-lag here at home. I descended through London’s thick summer smog yesterday to find a country still mourning the loss at the World Cup and newspapers full of the usual depressing news and negativity.

There is a real heatwave across Britain at the moment and the London Underground was unbearably hot and it was not even peak time either! I remember last summer arriving at work absolutely drenched with sweat in the mornings. I won’t be missing that for sure.

So my plan is to stick around a few weeks, visit some people and get back down to some website work. WN is getting an overhaul ready for the readers of a well known U.S. magazine (hopefully!). An English newspaper is also running a story about me tomorrow which is all good.

I am looking for a cheap return flight to the Swiss Alps so I can hang out there for a couple of weeks towards the end of July (before the whole of Europe descends in August) and hopefully meet up with some folk I met on my travels.

When you have travelled a long time coming back to reality can be pretty depressing. This reverse culture shock has happened to me twice before. This time is entirely different :).