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The Early Days

I just thought Id give a bit of a background on my experience with running websites so you can get an idea of the sort of stage Im at. Forgive me if I am blabbing on and on, Ive still got to get used to this whole blogging thing! Ok, here goes.

Ive had my main website and running in one form or another since March 2000 with the intent of providing a non-commercial resource among a sea of websites flogging Eurail passes and travel gear. At the time there were very only a couple of travel forums and most of the sites were painful to look at.

Hostel reviews were non-existent and that was to be my main focus. That summer I backpacked in Europe and came back with lots of ideas and motivation. But working full time at an electronics store and going to university full time pretty much sucked the life out of me and I didnt do too much with my site for several years.

When I graduated in 2001 I headed to Australia for a year and then moved to London where I finally bought a laptop and started things up again.

A couple years ago I was put onto Adsense by the guy who runs and this opened my eyes to the potential for earning substantial amounts of money from a website. I travelled a bit more for the next wee while and in May this year I bought a computer and set up my first net connection for 5 years!

Pushed in the right direction from information Ive read on sites like Digitapoint.comand this site Ive become aware that making a living online is very possible and have decided that its the lifestyle for me! Ive got 6 domains registered, 3 of which are completed or nearly finished sites and 1 which is functional but has been neglected until I can finish the others. The other 2 are ideas in the works.

So thats where I am at the moment working hard at finishing my main 3 sites and trying to push up my Adsense earnings while finding other streams of income in the process. I think my sites have a lot of untapped potential, I just need to do the work! There’s always a catch…