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The best airport in the world to be stuck in is…

I am in the departures lounge at Singapore Changi airport making good use of their free wireless Internet. I am on my way to Krabi in Southern Thailand.

It has just be announced that the flight has been delayed for 8 hours due to technical reasons! I guess when you’re backpacking flight delays are not a big issue and I am always happy where there is free wifi (and free food, thanks Tiger Airways).

Anyway I was thinking last night about adding a forum to this site. Primarily it would be a community bulletin board where people could ask me questions about making money from web sites. People do email questions all the time but I think it would be more useful to everyone if I answered them in a public forum.

I would also be happy to evaluate your web sites and give opinions on any ideas you might have. I am not an expert but this has been my profession for quite a while and I am more than happy to help people and we can all share each others knowledge.

Add a comment if you think it is a good or not so good idea! Bye for now.