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Teaching wannabe working nomads

I thought about this idea about a year ago and it came back to me while reading the newspaper today. I wonder if it is possible to set up a course on working and the Internet?

I guess there are a number of questions involed.

How to to go about approaching a college / night school about including a WN course as part of their adult learning program?

How to do this indepentantly? How expensive would it be hire somewhere to conduct the classes?

Would anyone actually be interested?

The course as I envisage it would involve everything from basic web design to online marketing.

As far as I am aware the only courses similar to this are web design courses. There does n’t seem to be much in the way of earning from the web.

I would have certainly been interested in this a few years ago but I am wondering whether it would be applicable now particularly as a lot of info is available on the web.

Any thoughts, both positive and negative are welcome!