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Survived the Routeburn and Greenstone Tracks

Just a quick note to say I am back in civilisation after 4 days in Mt Aspiring National Park. I have come straight to the Internet cafe, still smelling after 4 days hiking with no where to shower. No wonder nobody is sitting next to me!

Anyway had some great web related ideas while I hiking which often happens. One is to start posting blogs under the category of ‘Working Nomad’s Online History’ which will zoom you back to the early days of Webby’s Internet life where I started a ‘Paypal’ type thing (on a much smaller scale!) right through to the start of this blog and increased earnings.

It should be interesting as I will cover the early days of Adsense and Affiliate ideas and how I agonised for months over which type of web sites I should start.

Anyway best run off to the shower….