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Still in Bangkok

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Well as you know I was suppose to be going on an to Vietnam via Cambodia on Monday but instead I have been a guest at the Bangkok Mission Hospital which was not the plan!

I was admitted Sunday afternoon and was released two days later after a chest infection got the better of me! I have to say that the level of healthcare I received was excellent and if you are going to get ill in Asia then there is no better place than Bangkok!

Luckily my mate was still around to look out for me and the fact it happened while I was still here and not in Cambodia, a country where you do not want to be if in need of urgent medical attention, is something to be thankful of.

I am back to normal now and considering what to do next. I am pretty gutted I lost out on the trip and feel little motivation to go it alone now. Friends are off to Australia soon and to be honest this is more appealing to me.

So it could be Christmas / New Year in Sydney if I can find somewhere to stay!