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Starting over again – catching webby’s second wave

I have decided to change my emphasis on this blog by starting another web empire that will hopefully compliment the current one. This will benefit me as it will help to focus on new web projects and will benefit you as you see it evolve from the very beginning. Will I make it there faster with experience?

I will be following the plan in the working nomad ebook the five site model, but this time I will be showing you what I am working on, my ideas and techniques and of course my new crop of websites. Lets call it webby’s second wave!

There will be less chat about where I am / moaning about airlines and more information what I am doing which will hopefully help anyone thinking of becoming a working nomad!

I will split my earnings reports into two and give more of a breakdown. There will also be a new category, probably named Webby’s second wave or something like that.

I am still keen for people to sign up and contribute to the blog at whatever stage of the WN cycle you are at, particularly any of our regulars on the WN Forum.

Please also note any newbies that you must now email me after you have signed up to the Forum. This is to stop the millions of spammers out there!

So I feel that the WN blog is coming back to life now, especially with our new bloggers and this new beginning for me.

So I am off now to look for a new niche area and I can honestly say I am pretty motivated now.

Working as a webmaster is a bit of a roller coaster ride with many emotional ups and downs, but the financial rewards, low barriers to entry and the freedom to be your own boss is simply unbeatable.