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Solar power travel gear reviews

One thing I seek as a Nomad is the sunshine, and with sunshine comes energy, limitless energy.

I sit at home now with my Powermonkey solar cell sitting in my window charging up my mobile device, cool eh! It’s actually charging it pretty fast too!

Oh how I wish such portable energy sources were available back in 2005.

The Powermonkey explorer was actually a birthday present from a great group of friends of mine, who obviously know me pretty well. The other part of the Powermonkey is the main charger that is a small unti with a tail (lead) that can store about enough power to charge an iphone 3 times.

The main unit can be charged by solar or from mains electricity. Charging it up by solar does take a lot longer but that’s to be expected with such a small solar cell.

The great thing is that the solar cell is easily attachable to your backpack and you could run a small cable into one of the pockets where your mobile phone or charger is. I am planning on doing the Camino Frances in Spain during late August and the solar cell will be providing my camera and phone with energy direct from the Spanish sun!

If you would like more details and where to buy the powermonkey then check out the link below.

PowerTraveller Explorer Solar Power Charger Device