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So thats why they call it crazy golf!

Greetings from Fiordland National Park, South Island NZ in the town of Te Anau. I took a flight down from Auckland at some god awful hour to get here for tonight. In two days I embark on world famous The best multi day walk in the world according to the well oiled NZ tourism marketing machine.

I will be the judge of that and if it matches or gets anywhere near the Kepler Track (also in the area) then I will be impressed. The weather forecast looks wet and cool but after a summer in the heat and humidity of Auckland I am actually looking forward to freezing my nuts off in my summer sleeping bag surrounded by 40 or so other snoring and farting walkers.

Te Anau is the gateway to the region. You know when a place proclaims itself a gateway, it actually means there is nothing much in the town itself and its a bit shite but it is ‘the gateway to…….’. Cairns, the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, need I say more!

I did spot one thriving tourist attraction here this afternoon as I strolled back from the beer shop. The crazy golf looked pretty busy, in fact they were even having to queue up at the 2nd tee!

The real crazy thing is why have people come from all corners of the planet to play a round of mini golf in the rain! Yes it was bloody chucking down yet people still persisted in trying to putt a ball through the backside of an over-sized plastic penguin.

Still I do some crazy things. Like walking four days in the rain and working online for three years from various parts around the world.

To some, no doubt, this will still appear more crazy than taking aim at an aquatic, flightless bird’s orifice in the rain.