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So it ain’t all bad. I must try and sort my posture out though!

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Today is a which is an annual celebration of the World Wide Web and how it is changing our lives.

They suggest bloggers write a post today about how the WWW has changed their life. I am guessing any of you who follow me regularly can see the evidence of how it’s changed my life.

So here are a few ways the web has changed my life, perhaps not for the better…

– I think the WWW has help contributed to a neck problem that I seem to have due to hours upon hours of sitting at a computer.

– The WWW probably cost me contract work in the past as it enabled programming to be sent offshore for a cheaper price.

– The WWW probably kept me indoors alone too much when I could have been out doing more sociable things with people.

Well I am going to end on a positive. The web has enabled me to start my own business and travel more. As a consequence of this I have managed to meet a very broad spectrum of people and try lots of new things.